Patience is a monster.

October 25, 2011

Well, its my monster.

If I had any idea how long it would take to self publish my books, then create a second edition, I might not have gone down this path. I might have said no to this lesson in patience and tenacity.

I tell everyone that I am enjoying the process, and sometimes I’m not even lying. But this voice says to me, ever so quietly, “Why isn’t this done yet?”.

I miss the money coming in, I miss the emails and personal relationships made this last year. I am so grateful for those who have loved Arithmetic Village and blessed me with their lovely success stories.

Eager to get back to that process, I methodically work away at the new versions. I enjoy working, but not methodically.

When I was little, I had a nickname. My mom used to call me “clutzy Kimmy”. I don’t have a recollection of this, thank goodness, I only know because she called me when I was in my twenties to apologies. She explained that as a child I had a hard time being in the moment. My head was always a step ahead. I appreciated her call. It explained why hours earlier I almost got hit by a car. ( I was daydreaming and had already imagined myself on the other side).

I find myself sometimes daydreaming about the next step, researching query letters to Scholastic instead of sending through another basket for Polly to the Graphic Designer.  So back I go, with determination to follow my plan, to  finish Arithmetic Village by myself, and do it right, and sell it on my own, with my passion and in my time.

It’s just that taming this patience monster, takes time and well, Patience. 🙂

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