Pretty important.

October 30, 2011

The first word of a book  that is. The first word of Polly Plus is “Pretty”. As a woman dedicated to the idea of equality as someone who believes strongly in complimenting our daughters accomplishments verses her appearance,  The word Pretty brings up lots of negative connotations.

But I really liked the flow of the words.

Before I printed the first edition I researched the word.  It also possesses mathematical connotations.  Pretty: To a moderately high degree; fairly: “he looked pretty fit for his age”.  I loved the play on words.
The thing is, the little nuances that are intentional on my behalf, are lost on most people. Many people might open the book, read the first word, and put it down. I’ve changed the line for the second edition, but the change puts the word, “particular” in the first sentence. most early readers will get frustrated by the word “particular”.

I think I’ll go back to the Writing board on this one.

The good news is Polly second edition is pretty close to  finished.

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