November 23, 2011

I have a super power. I discovered it when I was very young.

I can alter my appearance.

I can become invisible.

The first time I discovered this was when I dressed up for punk rock day at school, then went into a store on my way home. I was NOT invisible. The store person did not ignore me like they did the day before. Their disdain and discomfort with me was almost palatable.

The next time was when I gained weight in college. I was instantly invisible. I lost the weight and was, go on guess… instantly visible again.

While walking the other day in the city with my 13-year-old daughter. I was delighting in her company. I noticed that other people were also delighting in her company, mainly men. Not only boys, but grown boys.

She was definitely not invisible.

I was shocked.

As they stared at my little girl, I gave them the evil eye. I  looked them up and down. What did they do? Nothing, for I was invisible.

I shared this with my girlfriends and they said that the same thing happens when they walk with their daughters.

It is an interesting perspective.

I did some research, out of people who were assaulted, 37% of women 15-27 were so on the street. By the time women reach 40, only 7% of those who are assaulted are assaulted on the street. So, being invisible has benefits.

I also just finished a book by Jane Goodall. The only chimpanzees free to roam freely between territories are adolescent females. My girls might find their own ways to make themselves invisible, but they are probably better off looking for another superpower.

I will enjoy being invisible for now. If I ever want that to change, I can always die my hair purple.


3 Responses to “Superpower.”

  1. william Says:

    what a wonderful and insighful way to look at it.The thing is we are all still animals,maybe us men even more so(some are evolved and some not.)When Im with my 24 yr old son,all female eyes over 30 go to him(its funny cause he is gay.I notice youg women really staring at me,Must be the handsome uncle

  2. kimberlymoore Says:

    Funny that everyone is giving your son attention:) Just yesterday I met a man at a cafe and he seemed very charming. When he left, I suggested that the man was flirtatious. She smiled. “Yes, he is, but not to you, you’re not his type- he likes younger men.” she confided.
    Just because he had mastered certain social etiquette ie making eye contact, and being polite, I had taken those gesters completely wrong:) It’s a shame how programed we are to judge simple nuances.

    • william Says:

      so very true,i think as a society we are socialy inept,as a culture. older cultures seem to be light years ahead of us.Take native americans(Im lanape/deleware)for example.

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