February 5, 2012

He cried the day his third little sister was born.

Destiny sealed.

No one to play rough with, no extra testosterone to talk to.

A house full of kittens and dolls and screeching.

I tried to make it up to him, I really did. I worked for years to throw a baseball straight and far, but it flew high and slow. He would spend his life running twice as far as humanly reasonable to catch a Frisbee.

If any girl screamed, mom would yell “STEVEN!” . (I think we may have taken advantage of that a bit.)

He did repay us. My shins were bruised from the ages of 4- 12.  He would wait patiently underneath the stairs until unsuspecting, sleepy girls headed off to bed. I still see hands reaching for my ankles every time I walk up open stairs. (Thanks, Steve)

Good at sports and the top of the top of his class, Steve was our coach and tutor whether he liked it or not. I would not know the Pythagorean theorem, baseball rules or how to play tennis without him.

He even introduced us to music. The rules were simple. What he liked was “Good” what we liked was “bad” “very bad” or “crap”. I listened to Andy Gibb anyway. Whenever I hear REM, I think  of him. I see Michael Snipe dancing and I think it is Steve. (Although I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen Steve dance) When I turned 16 he brought me and a friend to my first concert -The Who. I learned he was right about music. He was 20 and with his university friends. He sat by, dehydrated as they drank beer, refusing one after another, determined not to set a bad example.

Now that we are older, his family the beneficiary of  a lifetime of lessons in responsibility and patience. But, if I’m in town he’ll still treat his impoverished little sister to a nice hotel room  or meal

I can’t imagine growing up without a brother. He taught me that boys were just boys and not scary.

He taught me that not all men were jerks, and really, isn’t that what brothers are good for?

It’s days like this wish I didn’t live across the globe, or that my finances were infinite, because if circumstances were different, I would be celebrating in Washington tonight.

Happy 50th Birthday Stevie.

4 Responses to “Brother.”

  1. Brothers are amazing! As the oldest all of mine were younger but the one just 5 years younger than I helped me so much by being my friend. He is gone now, so early, so celebrate brothers and every year that you have them!

  2. Rosie Says:

    You write such lovely lovely birthday tributes. I so enjoy them/

  3. kimberlymoore Says:

    Thanks for that reminder, Mary Ann! And thank you Rosie 🙂

  4. Steve Says:

    Thanks Kim! That is very nice. Missed you at the party.
    Love, Steve

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