March 10, 2012

The last month I have been preoccupied with a dilemma.

I write about it in “It Takes a Village“.

After realizing that we would have to come up with a plan to finance the next version of Arithmetic Village. We decided to apply to Kickstarter and we were accepted!

Kickstarter is a crowd funding online community full of very artsy movies, artsy projects, ideas and books. It’s very hip, it’s very young. I know that I am a middle-aged, mother of three, educator, and none of those adjectives are hip. In fact I know the word hip is not hip, but I have no idea what the new words are my teenagers wont share them with me. (it’s just wrong, they say).

I know my audience for the Arithmetic Village project, a sweet old-fashioned positive, playful introduction to math concepts, books and iPad applications might be laughed at by the other campaigners. When you are young and in your twenties, the last thing you are thinking about is math programs. This means I will have to educate a new demographic about crowd-funding. The busy parents, home-schoolers, educators who are just surviving day-to-day. My plan is to teach them something new, something hip. Just think, I can pave the way to creatively fund the fabulous projects of millions of other stay-at-home moms and educators!

It is so exciting, so inspiring to be a part of this new way of being, please have a look at our Kickstarter campaign and please help spread the word!

2 Responses to “Hip!”

  1. Kimberly, I have the first 5 Arithmetic Village books. I went to your website to try to print off some worksheets, and I got a “Malware Detected” warning. Wondering if this is something that can be resolved? Or if you can email me the worksheets to print off? I’d certainly appreciate it. Thanks.

    • kimberlymoore Says:

      Hi! I’ve emailed you all of the worksheets:) I hope it helps. Don’t hesitate to mail me any questions or suggestions, the new site should be up soon!

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