April 6, 2012

The one thing I knew for sure I wanted for this year was not to move. My children had finally adapted to a rhythm with our home. It was perfectly located for transport and beaches and even had a path one door down to our favorite pizza place. My daughters had heaps of room and were comfortable, especially after adjusting last year from having two homes on the island, to just one. We were settled. I finally had a deep gratitude to a home I never really liked, “Uninspiring” was the term I used to the real estate agent two years prior. But we were desperate, and this home was big enough for all of us, I would learn to live with the hospital white walls.

Like most grown ups, I prefer owning a home over renting and after my divorce, it was a big adjustment to live somewhere that I could not remodel. I’ve done well financially buying and doing up homes in the past and now found myself wishing I could knock out walls here and there….

James and I have jobs and skills versatile enough to live anywhere, so settling down and investing on this expensive island hasn’t been our priority, we are here for the teenagers. My eldest loves her school and my middle one thrives in this island community she has known since she was three, so we rent.

Of course, since all I really, really wanted this year, (my eldest daughter’s last year of hight school) was to stay put, in January we were told the house would be on the market. What ensued since then was a long series of conflicts and accusations that exhausted both mine and James patience. Why must all people who rent be treated like drug dealers? The experience was disruptive  to say the least. I’ll save you the details, but in the end, we did move this year, mid-week, in the middle of exams, in the middle of my kickstarter campaign. We ended the tenancy with our integrity intact.

Our reward?
We shifted to a beautiful warm home close to the schools, in a very quiet location, with insane views, and lovely landlords.

Sometimes I have to surrender and know that there is a better plan for me, one that is far better than I can imagine…

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  1. maryannjohnson Says:

    Here! Here!

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