What I learn while driving…

April 20, 2012

“You know what?” she asks casually from the passenger seat.


“I don’t think I should have a baby now,” the pretty young teen answers.

“Is this a consideration?” I ask in my calmest mom voice.

” I thought about it, but now I’ve realized something” she says continues cheerily.

“What’s that?” (calm still).

“I only really want to buy lots of cute little  baby shoes.”

“Oh, that’s very different from having a real baby,” I add ever so gently.

“Yeah that’s what I think too.”

I still drive my teenagers obscenely short distances just in case we need to have these little impromptu chats….It’s worth every ounce of gas money.

4 Responses to “What I learn while driving…”

  1. maryannjohnson Says:


  2. maryannjohnson Says:

    I have taken many of these impromptu drives and they can be so enlightening, scary, relieving and…They are worth the gas. Kids, you gotta love em!!

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