May 2, 2012

I am known for my irrational thoughts. The belief that anything is possible and there is always a way. My handsome partner is known for his practicality. His belief in reality. There here and now ..only the facts please.

There are lots of reasons why the new Arithmetic Village edition is taking a long time to finish. I believe that in the end, it will all be for a reason and everything will be fine. The illustrations were drawn quickly as I decided to shove my perfectionist self in a closet for a year or two, so the graphic designer received only first drafts. She has a very busy family life so, has worked just a little over 100 hours in the past nine months. If we were simply two women with nothing else on, we could have finished the project in a month or two, but we are not, and that is OK.

I also found myself appreciating the slowness as I was drawn into my partners belief system of charts, budgets and a master plan for paying for this new edition so soon after investing so much the year before. I was becoming painfully aware of my lack of job, my lack of assets and my projects drain on our budget. This fear is what propelled me into the brave attempt of a Kickstarter Campaign.  (We all know how that turned out.. 🙂 Hotdog stands- yay ! Free math program nay. )


I still heard a  little voice. The voice of rainbows and unicorns, telling me once again, that it will all work out.

Finally, I sat down and had a meeting with the designer to have a heart to heart. “Let’s talk  payment how much when etc” I ask her confidently.

“All I really want Kim is an electric bike,” she answers. (Hey, practical handsome partner guy sells electric bikes on the side..)

“Ok, what model?” I ask knowing full well that we will have to find some creative way to pay for this bike, but that at least we will get a discount. As she answers, I carefully write the model number down. It seems so familiar.

“Wait, I think we have that bike in storage under the house.” It was ordered months ago for someone who changed their mind.

I show it to her, “Yup, that’s the one!’ she happily exclaims.

We can get it half price, the other half can be worked off by James’ social media work he does for the company.

What does this mean? The Graphic designer has been paid, without a cent changing hands.

Believe in fairies.

One Response to “Believe.”

  1. Rosie Says:

    and unicorns and rainbows!

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