May 26, 2012

Zuva finally found a use for the helmet ornaments we got for Christmas. These little dolls perfectly represents the dichotomy in which I live.

I love both the Waldorf environment and philosophy. The the smell of wood, the pink translucent walls, the pastel muslins draping every harsh corner, and of course,  the handmade dolls and blocks. I also resonate with the philosophy of learning gently through role play and respect the seven-year cycles.

On the other hand, I live in the 21st century with teenagers, and internet and life..  and even though I live on a little island in a little country, it is still westernized, and access to a mall, or tv 24/7, it is at your fingertips.

 So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when my little one came home from her Steiner kindergarten with this beautiful sculpture of handcrafted art with its flower petals, shells and treasures. It is, of course,  a computer.


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  1. Hahahahahaha life is just full….isn’t it!

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