Shhhhhh…my blog is sleeping…

June 21, 2012

My blog is peacefully sleeping, I dare not wake it.

The stories I could wake it with, have already been told.

My child care perspective is summed up with Carrie and not just cute, my ideal life (and far from myself) is with Soule Mama, my previous life of sarcasm is with “because I said so“, they way I wish I could write is with Joe…. so many others do it so beautifully and honestly. I have no desire to be an expert, to limit my expression to one thought and focus. The stories that make up my life now are not ready for public consumption.

These stories, my stories, personal trials of blended families, teenagers daughters, of personal ghosts are best told from a distance, a distance of at least a couple of years. For my stories, at this time, are rarely about just me.

The original intention of this blog was to be a platform for editors to buy the rights to Arithmetic Village. (I was going to be so rich!) It  then morphed into documenting the self publishing journey. (It was going to be soo easy!) Oh my, how my dreams have changed. When this blog began, my two constant companions, Patience and Surrender, were distant strangers. And I had a bigger desire or thought that I had to be something, something much bigger than simply myself.

Stories related to Arithmetic Village and my new journey of homeschooling Zuva will still be shared on the new AV site starting soon…but for now, this little blog is going back to sleep. x

2 Responses to “Shhhhhh…my blog is sleeping…”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Sorry to see it go. I have enjoyed many of your posts. Lots of love Rosie

  2. I hope you let us in on the new site. will miss this one.

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