Passing the pen….

March 4, 2013

princess elise

I started writing her life in my  own childhood… “My kids are going to… (insert anything amazing here)”.  After over a decade working with babies, my first child was born to my 29-year-old self . I was well ready for her, I wanted everything to be perfect, and she was.

Her entrance was joyful, even the young doctor cried happy tears. She was named after a song. Not the classic Fur Elise, but The Cure song “letters to elise”. A song which mirrored her parents relationship far greater than they would admit.

She was quickly known as the “Golden Child”, not  because of her golden curls but because of her sunny disposition and her adventurous spirit. Her youngest cousin renamed this child “Elise Victoria Sparkle Diamond”.

We carefully choose this child’s life, we ground her early organic food by hand, we practiced attachment parenting before we knew it had a name. The preschool teachers endured endless interviews, we considered everything from every angel when choosing anything for this child.

Despite this, she did not have a silver spoon.  She relied on her own creativity t early on to make her own pink Barbie CD player,which she made skillfully with a stapler and paper. The same for a game boy that changed with different games and was made of cardboard. Her first homemade outfit was a costume made entirely out of paper, including the shoes. Years later, she created her own prom dress and paid for her  school trip to Paris.

Every choice I have made the last 18 years has been with this child in mind. How will Elise react? What is best for Elise now? What does she need from me at this moment?

Our last decisions together were choosing a University and a dorm. And last month, I moved her there, to a city three hours away by ferry, bus and plane.

And today she turns 18.

And I can finally let go, knowing I did my best. i wrote the best story I could for the first chapters of this child’s life.

Now, I hand her the pen.

It’s an easy thing to do, I know she is an absolutely  fabulous writer.

Happy Birthday, Princess.

One Response to “Passing the pen….”

  1. Well written mom!! And soon she will be 40 and sending off her own 18 year old. The cycle of life goes on forever. Your friend, Mary Ann

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