New Years letter to myself…

January 1, 2014

kim beachDear Kim New Years eve 2012,

Here is some helpful advice for any resolutions..…

1. Don’t spend too much time obsessing on losing those the last five pounds. You will actually gain ten this year. Just be grateful it wasn’t 20.

2. When the California Child support gets fuddled up, insist that they go back to the date you originally applied. Really. It  will make a difference.

3. You eldest will be fine in College. In fact, she will thrive and to your surprise that will bring you more joy than you ever anticipated.

4. Don’t let your 15 year old  go to the birthday party in August. Don’t ask, trust me, just say no.

5. Say yes to your youngest more often. She gives you one hundred opportunities a day, it shouldn’t be difficult…

6. Take  supplements and eat right. Hormonal inflections at your age can get complicated. Think about the biggest, scariest roller coaster ever, call it Menopause.

7. Fyi- This is not the year that you will make millions on Arithmetic Village. Be gentle with yourself if you do need to go to plan B.

8. Update your resume. If you don’t, plan B may be working in a childcare setting that may not share your same philosophical leanings. You may find yourself humming the same songs and nursery rhymes that you hummed 25 years ago. Yes, 25 years.

9. After you wean yourself off of caffeine, do not go back. Doing so will ensure you spend a “retreat” exhibiting the same symptoms of a heroin addict.

10. Spend less time on facebook. Really. Get. Off. Facebook. I know it is your “job” and that Arithmetic Village has created a beautiful place for you to meet people and share a positive vision of the world, but it is a porthole into nothingness.

11. Go out with James more often. Much more often. Much, much, much more often.

12. Breathe, be, and tell people you love them.

I love you,

Kim (January 1, 2014)

4 Responses to “New Years letter to myself…”

  1. Jeannette Says:

    Clever, clever woman!!

  2. Take all this good advice Kimberly. : ) Happy New Year

  3. rosie Says:

    I miss your blog but even more, I miss you. Much love to you always Rosie

  4. Aw, thanks Rosie. It has been a rough year for me and i am feeling more vulnerable than ever. Your support is treasured. xx kim

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