When you think of math do you think of a light-hearted fairy-tale?

No? Then come and meet some of the delightful characters who live in “Arithmetic Village”.

Polly Plus collects jewels slowly and methodically, Linus Minus is carefree and loses his. Tina Times and King David Divide… well you’ll see. Below are the manuscripts for five rhyming picture books intended for the 4-10 year old educational and mainstream markets.

The first book titled “Arithmetic Village” offers the overview of the math concepts. These are then demonstrated through the lives of each character. The books are designed to be supported by a manipulative “kit” with 100 ‘jewels’, 10 golden bags, and a treasure chest. In short, it is a new math teaching system, a fun, easy take-home curriculum. In uncertain economic times, products that celebrate creativity and enhance learning experiences for children are sure to maintain a healthy market share.

The “Arithmetic Village” concept can be expanded into future books to introduce  fractions, decimals, greater than and less than, and more. Ultimately, I imagine a web site (like Club Penguin) where children play math games based on the book’s characters, to earn money for their avatar.

I am an American mother of three daughters with over 20 years of early childhood education experience.  I have just begun my search for a literary agent. I have yet to find one who’s blurb says, “Please send me unique educational picture books!”. I invite you to read them – they are short, and fun. I hope they resonant with you, and look forward to your response.

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